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Funding For Gambling Addiction Falls Short As Gambling Expands


Report provides the most comprehensive collection of information ever gathered about problem gambling funding in the US.


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The total funding for services to prevent and treat gambling addiction was $61 million in 2013 according to the National Survey of Problem Gambling Services released today by the Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators (APGSA) and the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). On a state-by-state basis, the amounts ranged from Washington, D.C. and the 11 states that did not provide any dedicated funding for problem gambling services to $8.7 million in California. Although total funding on problem gambling services is up from past years, the report pointed out that substance use disorders are about 3.6 times more common than gambling disorders, while the $17 billion in public support for substance abuse treatment is about 281 times greater than the $61 million in funding for all problem gambling services.


“It is clear that spending of $61 million—25 cents per capita—is completely inadequate. NCPG calls on government and gambling industry to dedicate 1% of revenue for programs to prevent and treat gambling addiction, which would equal $1.1 billion last year based on the surge in 2013 legal gambling revenue to $119 billion. Current spending of $61 million is only 0.05% of revenue, leaving a massive gap that devastates individuals, families, businesses and communities” stated NCPG executive director Keith Whyte. Dr. Lori Rugle, APGSA president commented “There is tremendous variation in the services available at the state level. Spending ranges from nothing in a dozen states to $1.42 per capita in Delaware. We hope the detailed information available, including profiles for each state, will facilitate collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders to ensure these limited resources are spent in the most efficient and effective way possible.”


APGSA and NCPG commissioned Problem Gambling Solutions (PGS) to conduct this first-ever survey. Dr. Jeff Marotta, PGS president, noted “This report provides vital information for policy development and problem gambling service development. Readers can see what is being done in their state to address problem gambling and how their state’s investment compares to others.” The survey provides the most comprehensive collection of information ever gathered about problem gambling services in the United States and is the 4th in the series.


Copies of the survey are available at www.ncpgambling.org and www.apgsa.org


The Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators (APGSA) was formed in 2000 to support the development of services that will reduce the impact of problem gambling.




The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) is the national advocate for programs and services to assist problem gamblers and their families. NCPG was founded in 1972 and is neutral on legalized gambling.

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