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HOPE helps you with...

HOPE supports you with...

HOPE connects you with...

• Work through issues commonly faced in early recovery



• Identify healthy coping




• Strengthen self-awareness by

talking through thoughts and




• Access community resources


• Build your recovery community

• Guidance from your certified

recovery mentor—in person,

though emails, or by phone



• Encouragement to set and

reach personal commitments

each week



• Overcoming obstacles to

your recovery such as finding

transportation to get to

meetings or obtaining health




• Building your recovery based

on your strengths, talents,

coping abilities, resources, and

inherent values.


• Others in recovery from

gambling problems



• Twelve Step programs and/or

other fellowships



• Resources in your community to address your needs

Help Opportunity Perseverance and Education (HOPE)


If problem gambling treatment is about getting your life on track, recovery is about learning how to stay on track. The HOPE Program, Help Opportunity Perserverance and Education, will help you stay the course. VPGR’s HOPE program offers you personalized recovery support from Certified Problem Gambling Recovery Mentors. VPGR’s HOPE program connects you with the resources, support, and fellowship to build your new life in recovery. The program is free for persons residing or receiving gambling treatment in Multnomah County, and is a valuable addition to professional treatment, 12-Step groups, faith-based counseling, or self-taught change. Think of the HOPE program as your connection to recovery support from someone who’s been there, found recovery, and wants to give back; a guide and support person for your recovery journey.

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