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Gambling and Problem Gambling in Oregon*


Problem gambling impacts individuals, families, children and communities



Oregonians have easier access to slot machine style gambling than almost any other U.S. state


    • In 2012, legalized gambling in Oregon included 19,536 electronic gaming machines in 9 Indian casinos

      and over 2000 state lottery retailer locations.


    • Video lottery terminal (VL1) gambling and other forms of electronic gambling machines (EGMs) tend to

     be more closely associated with problem gambling than any other form of gambling.


Problem gambling impacts thousands of Oregonians


    • An estimated 81,800 adult Oregonians have problems with gambling (2.7%: 1 in every 37 adults)1


    • Approximately 4,000 Oregonian adolescents report severe gambling-related difficulties 2


    • Problem gambling impacts families, children, and communities


Untreated problem and pathological gamblers cost Oregon vital economic resources


    • Higher rates of bankruptcy, divorce, other mental health and addictions problems and suicide


    • Higher frequency of civil and criminal judicial system involvement


    • Higher frequency of problems on the job and loss of productivity


Approximately 1,400 adult Oregonians receive Lottery funded treatment each year 3 


    • Nearly 90% report a preference for gambling on machines (video poker, line games, slots)


    • Nearly three-quarters report Oregon Lottery retailers as their primary location (VLT Retailers)


    • The combined estimated gambling related debt of those entering treatment last year $35 million.


    • With unstable funding and advertising, enrollments fell 42% below the projected utilization.


Treatment is effective and inexpensive


    • 85% of treatment enrollees report improvement at 12-month post-treatment follow-up


74% report no gambling 12 months following treatment


    • Average treatment cost per successful completion case is only $2,379


Awareness, Prevention and "Play Responsibly'' are working


    • Youth gambling participation rates have dropped


    • The prevalence of problem of problem and pathological gambling has not significandy increased between

     the last two prevalence studies (2001 & 2006) even though gaming expenditures has.


Oregon has a duty-of-care to its citizens to provide protections from state-operated gambling


    • ORS 461.549; 409.435; 409.430 established Problem Gambling Treatment and Prevention Services

     funded by not less than 1% of Lottery net proceeds (1992).




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1 Based on a 2012 U.S. Census Bureau estimate of 3,029, 797 persons age 18 and over and findings from the most recent Oregon problem gambling prevalence study


Based on 1998 Oregon adolescent gambling prevalence study. http:llwww.oregoncpg.comlwp-contentlup/oads/2009104/0GATF -adolescent-gamb/ing-final-report.pdf

3 Based on 20130HA problem gambling program report. http:/lwww.oregon.govlohalamhlgambling/2014-0122-oha-pgs-annual-report-2013.JXif

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